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Fighting Fund

This election will define our country for a generation. 

We have a choice here. We want to build a brighter future - outward looking, progressive and welcoming. The Conservatives would prefer a more inward looking country, self-absorbed and intolerant.

The election is about securing our children’s future. It’s not just about getting the “B” word done.

The Conservatives are funded by billionaires, hedge funds, big business. Labour is bankrolled by the Trade Unions. In contrast the Liberal Democrats are backed by people like you. 

We urgently need £5000 to complete our campaign strongly across West Cornwall and on Scilly. 

In Andrew George, we have a real opportunity to give West Cornwall its strong voice back. To secure an MP who fights for people above considerations of career advancement. We have a slim majority of 312 votes to overturn - and it can and must be done.

We need your help to spread the message that St Ives deserves better than what we have now. Andrew George was the MP between 1997-2015 and has a track record of putting Cornwall and Scilly above the tribalism of politics. However, against an opponent sponsored by wealthy Conservative donors, we can’t do that without your help. 

Please donate as much as you can - every penny goes to our campaign to promote the politics of courage, hope and to regain a powerful voice for our area. 

This is the choice before us:

  • Andrew consistently supported the highest environmental standards and policies to combat climate change. The Conservative candidate backed the scrapping of the Climate Change Department, scrapping of sustainable homes and has rejected every measure to combat climate change. 
  • Andrew fought to protect the NHS Budget and our local hospitals - under the Conservatives, our NHS has fallen into debt and Edward Hain Hospital has been closed. Student nurse bursaries have been scrapped, leading to a shortage of nurses in our overstretched NHS. 
  • Andrew fought for fairer funding for our schools, opposing the use of political gimmicks in education. Under the Conservatives, our schools are being starved of funding to the tune of £14 million since 2015. 
  • Andrew fought to ban blood sports and helped start the first community led badger vaccine program to combat Bovine TB. The Conservative wants to reverse the hunting ban, supports the gun lobby and supports the free shooting of badgers. 
  • Andrew firmly opposed cuts to tax credits and benefits for the sick and disabled and led the campaign against the Bedroom Tax. The Conservative has consistently voted to cut working credits and support for sick and disabled, while happily voting against tax increases for the wealthy. 
  • Andrew is a champion for equal rights and human rights. The Conservative consistently voting against equal rights and voted to refuse sanctuary for children fleeing the Syrian war. 

For the last four years St Ives’ representative in Westminster has been an obedient Conservative MP. It is time we had our voice back - and to do that we need your help - please give generously!


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Who's donating:

Who's donating

Andrew McDouall
Gerard Gibbs
K M Hardie=Budden
Michael Sagar-Fenton
Caroline Schofield
Anna Latosinski
Antony Penhaul
Wendy Lapides
Melanie Frankell
Mark Heims
Carey Thomas
Vince Davis
Ursula Cooper
Richard Winzor
Katherine Uren
Chris Dale
Graham Kidson
Ivor Martin
Russell Gilbert
Dorothy Smith
Nigel Walker
Gilly Wyatt Smith
Demelza Spargo
John Guy
Ingrid Davis
Rose Taylor
Jane Smith
Caroline White
Rosemary Dennis
Marc Hadley


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