Liberal Democrats set out vision for Cornwall with manifesto launch

Cornwall Liberal Democrats have launched their Cornwall Council election manifesto Standing Up for Cornwall setting out their priorities for Cornwall.

The manifesto identifies six key areas:

Our Record of Action

  • Top Council in the country for providing affordable homes
  • Foundation Living Wage for all council employees
  • Protected the adult social care budget

Our Promise of More

  • Protecting the vulnerable
  • Tackling the climate change emergency
  • Delivering prosperity for all

The manifesto can be accessed here

Edwina Hannaford, Liberal Democrat Portfolio Holder for Neighbourhoods and Climate Change on Cornwall Council, said:

“Since leading Cornwall Council in partnership with Independents since 2017, we have delivered on our promises.

“Cornwall is the top Council in the country for providing affordable homes. In 2017 we Liberal Democrats promised to provide a thousand new homes for Cornwall. That figure has now been achieved and we have moved beyond it, becoming the Top Council in the country for providing affordable homes, allowing more Cornish people to live and work in the place they love.

“We promised that Cornwall Council employees, including key workers, would be moved onto the Foundation Living Wage – we are pleased to say that not only has that promise been achieved, but we also now require Cornwall Council contractors to do the same.

“Our third promise was to protect the social care budget which supports some of Cornwall’s most vulnerable children and adults. Not only have we achieved this, but we have increased the social care budget year on year, every year.

“It was the Lib Dem’s who declared the climate emergency in 2019. We have been acknowledged nationally by scientists, having reviewed the Climate Action Plans of most Local Authorities in the UK, ours was identified as one of the best and most ambitious that we have seen.”

“We will continue to stand up for Cornwall.”

 Andrew George, Chair of Cornwall Liberal Democrats, said:

 “The Conservatives have slashed Cornwall’s core Government funding in half since 2015. Many Councils have struggled. Some, like Tory-run Northants have been declared bankrupt. But Cornwall’s Lib Dem and Independent coalition has remained resilient. Successfully defending and improving services.

 “The Liberal Democrats will continue to put Cornwall before Party – to work with those who put Cornwall’s best interests first and stand up for Cornwall, making sure Cornwall’s voice is heard, not taken for granted.”

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