Luke Rogers

Local mining engineer Luke Rogers has been selected as the Lib Dem candidate for the new St.Ives East, Carbis Bay and Lelant division for the Cornwall Council Elections in May.

Luke Rogers and his familyLuke who lives with his family in Carbis Bay said “I am proud to be selected to stand for the community I care passionately about and want to be the voice of all local residents. There can be no doubt that the pandemic has had a massive impact on peoples lives but I have been inspired by the amazing work that has been provided by local individuals, companies and charities to support people in St.Ives, Carbis Bay and Lelant, it goes to show that the community spirit in our neighbourhood is alive and well. I would be honoured to have the opportunity to serve and support such a community and work towards challenges such as the covid recovery, over development, lack of affordable housing and pressurised local services.”

Living in the parish for most of his life, Luke has been an active member of the community campaigning for affordable housing for local people, serving on the Coastguard cliff rescue team and volunteering to support community groups during the pandemic. Now as a professional mining engineer, he oversees the management largest tin and tungsten mines in East Africa including over 3000 employees. He says “I have had an amazing opportunity to have been raised and educated in St.Ives and to have attended university at the Camborne School of Mines. Over the years I have worked with projects overseas, I have always worked on international development, helping build schools, roads, water supplies, community projects and environmental programmes, so now I feel it is the right time to bring some of that experience home and proactively support the people in our region. As a relatively young local guy, I will bring some energy and enthusiasm to the role and know I will work tirelessly to solve local issues and campaign on behalf of local residents.”

Key Issues


Over Development

I am shocked and saddened at the destruction of greenspaces that surround St.Ives, Carbis Bay and Lelant and perplexed by what seems to be the governments licence for developers to have free reign over areas such as ours, yet again the conservatives have put greed before need. It is so sad to see what is happening to the fields behind Tyringham Row in Lelant, and Polwithan Drive and Carninney Lane in Carbis Bay. I will actively oppose urban sprawl over our countryside especially projects such as Gonwin which will destroy the character of Lelant and Carbis Bay.

Lack of Affordable Housing

For years I campaigned for affordable housing in St.Ives and the government must do more to support rural communities which have been under intense pressure from second home owners and increased house prices due to the areas popularity. I fully support people coming to live here, after all, who wouldn’t, but young local individuals and families shouldn’t be denied the right to live in the community they have lived in most of their lives. I support the development of more affordable and social housing, especially on brownfield development sites such as the new affordable homes being constructed at the old Parc-An-Creet Petrol Station in St.Ives.

Local Services Under Pressure

Luke and Andrew GeorgeThere can be no doubt that the over-development of our area has caused extreme pressure on the local infrastructure and services. Over the last few decades there has been a significant increase in population and visitors but virtually no improvement the infrastructure and services to back that up. The fact that the age concern has gone, the Edward Hain hospital has closed and Carbis Bay post office has closed, is very disappointing, there is pressure on schools, pressure on health services and don’t get me started on dental care. We must fight to retain and improve the services that are left.

Traffic and Parking

Year on Year we have seen increases in traffic into St.Ives and surrounding villages. You only need to go past the church in Lelant on a nice day to see how out of control the problem is, there is simply not enough parking spaces anywhere in our area to sustain the vehicles here. It is bad enough for residents in the winter we must take action to restrict parking in the residential areas and push for funding for more parking around the town and on the park and ride scheme.

Post Covid Recovery

The pandemic has taken an enormous toll on peoples lives in the parish, it has effected peoples physical health, mental health, livelihoods and relationships. I will strive to help businesses and individuals that have been a victim of Covid-19 and do everything possible to find them the support they need.

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