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We expect big changes in the coming months. When the new Johnson Government find they can’t secure a new Brexit deal don’t be surprised if you’re asked to vote again…

The Conservative Government remains paralysed by a Brexit fiasco entirely of its own making. Meanwhile our schools and health services continue to struggle. Concern about the climate emergency is rising. All this Government has delivered is a more divided country and a serious risk of the break-up of the United Kingdom.

Whether you’re a passionate Leave supporter or an ardent Remainer one thing is clear. There’s no painless way out of the chaos and shame the Conservatives have visited upon our country. It will take leaders with courage to to do the right thing. To get us out of this mess. And enable our country to move on.

It’s time to prepare for a better future. That’s why I’m keen to hear from you. It will take just a few moments to complete my online survey.

When I was MP for the area I always put the best interests of Cornwall and Scilly above party loyalty. After the big changes of the 2015 election I promised I "would not walk away”. I will never give up fighting for our communities.

At the last election the Conservatives clung on to this seat by the narrowest of margins – just 312 votes. Labour were a distant third. Only the Liberal Democrats can defeat the Conservatives here next time.

With your support we can win it back and forge a better future for the country and our communities. If you want to help me or join the local Liberal Democrats please say so in your reply to the survey.


I look forward to hearing from you.



Take the survey for West Cornwall

Take the survey for the Isles of Scilly

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