Demand better action for the environment

The climate emergency is an existential threat. Air pollution is damaging too many lives.

The Conservatives haven’t taken this problem seriously. We have no time to lose: this is an urgent crisis that demands real action now. The Liberal Democrats demand action now.

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The people must have the final say

The Liberal Democrats’ admirably strong anti Brexit line is already well understood.  But claiming we would unilaterally stop Brexit without reference to the people through a referendum if we win the next General Election is unnecessary, wrong and counterproductive.

Jo Swinson is doing a great job. But I’m not convinced the Leader’s office has thought this through.  I’m as passionate about wanting to stop this damaging Brexit led by people with dodgy agendas as she is. But this policy will make that job more difficult.

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Andrew George wants to hear from you

Do you live in the St Ives Constituency? Andrew George wants to hear from you.

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LibDem MEP Caroline Voaden visits Newlyn

Thanks to Caroline Voaden, our recently elected MEP for the South West, for visiting Newlyn with Andrew George to speak to people working in the fishing industry. It was great to see her here and know that Caroline and the other LibDem MEPs are supporting our area in the EU Parliament. 

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Jo Swinson elected leader of the Liberal Democrats

Jo Swinson is the new leader of the Liberal Democrats, beating Ed Davey in the contest to succeed Vince Cable.

In her first speech after the result was declared, Jo said "There is no limit to my ambition for our party and for our movement.


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Lib Dem Leadership Election 2019

The Liberal Democrat leadership election is open - voting continues for three weeks from today.  We want members to have the opportunity to meet the candidates locally, so our Parliamentary campaigner Andrew George has invited Jo Swinson and Ed Davey to West Cornwall.

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Strong Anti-Brexit message from Liberal Democrat success

The Euro results weren’t just a bloody nose for the Conservative Government. It was a also a thumbs-down for Brexit.

Bad news for Brexit

Underlying the predictable media hype for the Brexit Party lurks an inconvenient fact…

…that support for Brexit has fallen.

The BBC/Press Association produced this chart, correctly not allocating votes for Labour or the Conservatives to either side, as both Parties are internally conflicted. We clearly saw voters who loyally voted for their Parties who held opposing views on Brexit.

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Brexit – a deliberate ploy to avert attention from a climate of chaos?

The 3 pro-Brexit Parties – Conservatives, Labour and UKIP – got their comeuppance from voters in last week’s local elections. Anti-Brexit Liberal Democrats did remarkably well, even in Leave voting areas. And anti-Brexit bed-fellows the Green Party also did very well.

PM Theresa May concluded that voters were telling her to “just get on with Leaving the EU”. Shows she wasn’t listening. If anything, voters were demanding the opposite.

The Government has spent 3 years promoting new division – within communities and families – between warring pro and anti-Brexit factions. But why?

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Brexit: the legal perspective



Are we on a crash course towards a No Deal Brexit?

What are the legal and trade implications of such an outcome? 

Come along to St John's Hall on Friday to get the experts' view!



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Brexit: what next?

 Brexit: What next?  A public panel debate  with guest speaker Julie Girling, MEP (Independent)  and Andrew George, former local MP (Liberal Democrat)  chaired by Mike Sagar-Fenton (local writer and political columnist)As the Tories flounder in their search for a solution to the Brexit deadlock, people are left wondering what is exactly is going on and how we're going to get to the other side of the mess. Meanwhile, the clock ticks on toward 'Brexit Day'.

Local Liberal Democrats hope to shed some light on what is happening - and what might happen next - in a panel discussion to be held in Penzance this week.  The meeting, which is open to all, will take place at St John's Hall on Friday 1st February, starting at 7:30pm.

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