Caroline White elected as Liberal Democrats win election


Caroline White and the local Lib Dems are saying a huge ‘thank you’ for the support they received in the recent election in which they won.

Caroline’s election to town council represents another win for the Cornwall’s Liberal Democrats who have enjoyed recent by-election success across the county.



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LibDems call for better NHS support for people with autism

Liberal Democrat MP Normal Lamb has been conducting vital research into access to NHS support for people with autism, finding that people are having to wait years for a diagnosis.


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The Liberal Democrats have published a comprehensive blueprint for replacing the broken business rates system, cutting taxes for businesses by 20% in Cornwall

Local Liberal Democrat parliamentary spokesperson for West Cornwall Andrew George has described the plans as “exactly the sort of policy we need to boost local investment and ensure businesses in West Cornwall thrive”.
The report – Taxing Land, Not Investment – calls for the abolition of business rates and its replacement with a tax on land values, the Commercial Landowner Levy (CLL).

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Liberal Democrats slam Tory MP for ‘brazen hypocrisy’ after nursing vote


The St Ives Liberal Democrats have slammed the local Conservative MP for voting to scrap bursaries for post-graduate nurses. This followed an earlier scrappage of bursaries for undergraduates.


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